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Shepard Samuels is known for his long-running Reggae Roots and Branches show on Mondays. He was also previously a music director for WTUL, leaving a big mark on the station's library with his reviews. His year end lists tend to demonstrate that breadth of taste.

Pretty Lightning - Dust Moves

Hi, I'm Hunter and I DJ Storm Surge of Reverb, Mondays 4-6pm. That whole show is surf music, but I listen to other music too. So here are some (non-surf) records that I liked enough to write something about, all of them released in 2022, in a mostly random order. It was important to get this out before I started reading other year end lists and finding all the stuff I completely missed. I hope you find something you like.

For surf stuff, check out stormsurgeofreverb.com in the coming months.

Ma délire - Songs of love, lost & found

Shepard hosts the Reggae Show Mondays from 8pm-10pm. However, this list demonstrates his tastes far beyond that genre.


Sweet Trip

Hi, I'm Hunter. I DJ Storm Surge of Reverb on Mondays from 4-6pm. But that show is entirely surf music. Every year I make a big deal rounding up my favorite surf releases, and that'll be its own thing over at stormsurgeofreverb.com. I also listen to pelnty of other stuff though. I even had a non-surf show for a few weeks over the summer!

Here are things that I liked from this year (that aren't surf). They're in no particular order, and with no particular criteria other than that I felt motivated enough to write a few sentences about them. I realize there's still a month left of 2021, but the worst is when I start reading other year-end lists and find out about all these other great records too late. I hope you find something you like in here.

Evritiki Zygia - Ormenion

Hi, I'm Hunter. I'm on WTUL Mondays 4-6pm doing my surf radio show Storm Surge of Reverb.

But I listen to plenty of other music, even if I rarely get the chance to share over the airwaves. So I'll share here. I need to publish this quickly before I read everybody's else's lists and want to add more!

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Last 10 songs Pop‑out m3u


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