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If you are a non-profit organization looking to get your word out then you can get guidelines and information on how to write Public Service Announcements (PSA's) for broadcast on our station here.


"Why should my business sponsor a non-commercial university radio station?"



The combination of musical styles we offer is not only unique in the New Orleans area but is also recognized as the very best nationwide. In fact, WTUL was named the Gavin College Station of the Year in 1996 and was again nominated the two years following. WTUL provides the Greater New Orleans area with a unique listening experience.



As equally diverse as our programming is our listening audience. From the Tulane University campus and Uptown, to the French Quarter, Lakefront, Metarie, and the West Bank, WTUL caters to a diverse public that appreciates novelty and challenge.



Your support of WTUL will not only help keep non-commercial radio thriving in the Crescent City, but it will also expose your name to our wide audience as an underwriter of this incredible station.



The Tulane University community is an active part of the economic life in New Orleans. By itself, the university is the largest private employer in the area. Your contribution to the university's non-commercial radio station increases your visibility within this dynamic market.



Since WTUL is a part of a non-profit organization and is itself non-commercial, all donations to WTUL are tax deductible.



The diversity of programming at WTUL allows you, as a sponsor, to underwrite specific programs. Our business staff can help you decide exactly which programs are best suited for your organization.


WTUL Sponsorship Policy

WTUL, defined as a non-commercial university radio station by the FCC, is funded by the Associated Student Body of Tulane University. WTUL supplements its annual budget by soliciting underwriting from local businesses and organizations as means of publicity for them and revenue for the station. As a non-profit station, WTUL is not allowed to sell time for advertising.


An underwriter is associated with a particular program or format as a "supporter" or "sponsor." This provides a philanthropic community profile. FCC regulations stipulate content of underwriting acknowledgements.

  • No qualitative language
  • No "call to action" in the announcement
  • Passive identifiers are OK (what, when, where, etc.)
  • No mention of special sales or discount offers
  • Lists of items are OK
  • No background music
  • Spots cannot include contests or giveaways
  • "Logograms" are OK

Thus, announcements must be value-neutral, and identifying rather than promotional as described by the relevant FCC guidelines. WTUL reserves the right to extend FCC guidelines for programming or other considerations.


WTUL's programming focuses on Progressive, Classical, and Jazz. Additionally WTUL airs specialty programs: Reggae, Folk, Hardcore, Blues, Stage and Screen, Country, Rap/Hip-Hop, World Music, Latin Music, Cheese/Electronic Cheese, Techno, Ska, Twentieth-Century Classical, and New Orleans Music.


WTUL Underwriting Rates


WTUL recognizes underwriting contributions hourly according to a scale based on the size of contributions and the specific programs underwritten. Sponsorship recognition announcements are made at the beginning of an hour. Announcements and underwriting arrangements must comply with all FCC, other federal, state, local, institutional, and WTUL restrictions and guidelines.


Daytime Progressive $25 / hour
Daytime Specialty $35 / hour
Nighttime (midnight - 6am) Progressive $15 / hour
Nighttime Specialty $25 / hour


10-24 hours = 10%
25-49 hours = 20%
50-99 hours = 30%
100+ hours = 40%


Underwriting arrangements do not bind WTUL to any programming format or specific content. WTUL reserves the right to cancel any underwriting arrangement at any time. The policies stated here are subject to revision at any time by WTUL or Tulane University.


Sponsorship contributions must be completed before the airing of any recognition announcement. At the discretion of the Sponsorship Coordinator, arrangements underwriting programming over a longer period of time may be paid in regular portions, each portion to be paid prior to the corresponding suite of underwritten programs.


Requests regarding the underwriting of WTUL programming should be emailed to the Sponsorship Coordinator. Or reach them by phone at the WTUL office, (504) 865-5887. Please leave voicemail if no one is available to take your call.

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