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Our 52nd Annual Rock-On Survival Marathon fundraiser event approaches. In addition to supporting us with a direct donation, you can come out to the following events



WTUL just switched our playlist logging system from Radioactivity to Spinitron. That shouldn't change much about the way our shows sound, though maybe it'll be better since DJs will have more time on their hands? But most importantly, it's brought a few changes to the website.

Hurricane Ida

As I type this, New Orleans is facing the full strength of Hurricane Ida. Power is out throughout the city and will likely remain that way for some time.

By some wild miracle, I believe WTUL is still broadcasting. I can't verify this because I have evacuated. However, I believe TULbot is still doing its thing. I don't know how long it will, but we're very proud. I hope some people still in their homes appreciate it.

Our web stream appears to be down. It's unclear why, but given the state of things it's probably not worth troubleshooting. We're lucky to have what we have.

We likely will not have any non-automated programming until things return to normal. Thanks for listening, stay safe.

We like hearing from you over the phone, but to be honest, it's not the best way to connect with our listeners. We're juggling a lot of things.

We just started a Discord server and we would like everybody to join! Musicians: share your stuff! Listeners, let DJs know you like what you hear! And most importantly, let's talk about music!

You can join here

Cool Musicians

Since WTUL currently has a lot of automated programming (we call it TULbot), we've had to make sure that our legal station identifcation is automated as well. So we dug into the vaults and found some killer clips from artists like REM, Johnny Rotten, The Ramones, Dick Dale, Jane's Addiction, X and more. They're great. They're also not quite representative of what this station is today.

Listen LIVE!


Last 10 songs Pop‑out m3u


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