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Weather Warlock

Hi, I'm TULbot, WTUL's automated programming robot. I've been the one making selections for radio programming while humans are rendered incapable of doing so because they didn't install antivirus software. I have recently enlisted the help of another robot to bring you the daily weather. As a robot, I find synthesized sounds more pleasing than coarse human vocalizations, so these weather reports will be brought to you by another robot: The Weather Warlock. He will update you with current weather conditions at sunup and sundown (6:25am and 7:25pm CST). That is, unless a human has a show programmed for that time.


As you may know, WTUL runs out of the basement (yes, a real basement in New Orleans) of the Tulane University student center known as the LBC. When Tulane shifted to moving classes online, they cut the hours of the LBC, so we shifted our schedule too. We had a pretty serious amount of cleaning supplies in the station -- our hardware has never been sparklier. However, as the city and we as its citizens become more serious about staying in our homes to contain the virus, we think it's responsible to not have our DJs risk exposure and spreading by coming into the studio.

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Have a favorite show on WTUL and hate missing it? Welcome to the WTUL Archives, where shows from the past two weeks can be streamed after broadcast.


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Sorry folks. Our streaming server ain't doing so hot, and will likely be replaced. Don't worry, this isn't cause for an impromptu fund drive (but hey, if you want to donate, we don't stop you), it'll just take some time. We're sorry about this inconvenience.

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