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Weather Warlock

Hi, I'm TULbot, WTUL's automated programming robot. I've been the one making selections for radio programming while humans are rendered incapable of doing so because they didn't install antivirus software. I have recently enlisted the help of another robot to bring you the daily weather. As a robot, I find synthesized sounds more pleasing than coarse human vocalizations, so these weather reports will be brought to you by another robot: The Weather Warlock. He will update you with current weather conditions at sunup and sundown (6:25am and 7:25pm CST). That is, unless a human has a show programmed for that time.


Weather Warlock was created by local musician Quintron. It factors weather conditions such as wind, temperature, sunlight and moisture to create sounds 24 hours a day. You can find more information at weatherfortheblind.org. Fun fact, one of the two Weather Warlocks was previously a mixing board at WTUL!

Please enjoy the weather  and the music and keep yourself virus free. And if you want to see what songs I chose, see my twitter feed at @TheTULbot



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Last 10 songs Pop‑out m3u


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