WTUL New Orleans


1. Beatrice Dillon - Workaround [Pan]
2. Salami Rose Joe Louis - Chapters of Zdenka [Brainfeeder]
3. Matvei - Summer Collection [Kitsune]
4. Sun Ra Arkestra - Swirling [Strut]
5. Tara Clerkin Trio - Tara Clerkin Trio [Laura Lies In]
6. Flaming Tunes - Flaming Tunes [Superior Viaduct]
7. Argiflex - △Orb [Commodity Fetish]
8. Josh Johnson - Freedom Exercise [Northern Spy]
9. Jordan Reyes - Sand Like Stardust [American Dreams]
10. Nick Schofield - Glass Gallery [Backwards]


Shepard is primarily known for Reggae show on Monday nights from 8-10pm, but don't box him in! He was a longtime music director for WTUL and his tastes stretch far across the musical landscape.


1. Thundercat - It Is What It Is [Brainfeeder]
2. Special Interest - The Passion Of [Thrilling Living]
3. Flaming Tunes - Flaming Tunes [Superior Viaduct]
4. Sam Prekop - Comma [Thrill Jockey]
5. Ezra Feinberg - Recumbant Speech [Related States]
6. Bebel Gilberto - Agora [PIAS]
7. Erroll Garner - Octave Remastered Series Sampler 03 [Octave]
8. Deerhoof - Future Teenage Cave Artists [Joyful Noise]
9. various artists - Record Kicks Funk Soul Sisters [Record Kicks]
10. Kate NV - Room For the Moon [RVNG Int'l]

1. Numün - Voyage Au Soleil [Musique Impossible]
2. Jordan Reyes - Sand Like Stardust [American Dreams]
3. Flaming Tunes - Flaming Tunes [Superior Viaduct]
4. Jackie Lynn - Jacqueline [Drag City]
5. Mary Lattimore - Silver Ladders [Ghostly International]
6. DJ Poolboi - It's Good To Hear Your Voice [Majestic Casual]
7. Special Interest - THe Passion Of... [Thrilling Living/Night School]
8. Quintron & Miss Pussycat - Goblin Alert [Goner]
9. various artists - Mepalu Sari [Western Front]
10. Jason McMahon - Odd West [Shinkoyo]

I'll be playing cuts from some of my favorite new albums of 2020 on Monday 01/04/20, 2-4 PM CST on Past Yr Eyez! Not really a best of, just a sampling of some of the sounds that got me through the year. (Check out part one at http://archive.wtulneworleans.com/?name=wtul-2020-12-28_14d1.mp3) Tune In!

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