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Artist: Julia Jacklin                                                              Added 9-7-22 

Album: Pre Pleasure (2022) 

Label: Polyvinyl 

Try: 1, 2, 4(!!), 6, 7(!!), 9(!), 10                                                FCC Clean 

It’s sad-girl-music season! (which is all the seasons) If you know any of the names in the RIYL below, you almost definitely at least know of Julia Jacklin, indie pop / indie folk musician hailing from Australia. Jacklin made her big splash in the indie scene with her sophomore LP Crushing (2018), which brought her greater recognition in the indie-folk circle. Her style melds confessional folk with indie pop, much akin to Adrianne Lenker’s work, both solo and with Big Thief. Her classical vocal training is noticeable in the smooth, almost R&B style calmness  of her vocals, and her lyrics are basically confessional poetry. Some tracks (like #2, #4, #9) are more upbeat, rockier, like Lucy Dacus’ newer stuff, while other tracks (like #6 & #7), are slower, calling to you as the sound travels home to your heart. Other tracks run in-between, starting off softer and building into louder orchestral swells. RIYL Faye Webster, Alice Phoebe Lou, Aldous Harding, Haley Heynderickx, Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, Big Thief                                            - DC

"Music from the Merits" is an album review series showcasing the internal reviews that are taped to the physical albums we add to the station. This is what's written to help DJs see what the album sounds like and help them decide if they want to play it. All albums must be reviewed before they can be added to our library. Formatting has been kept as-is printed for the physical release.

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Last 10 songs Pop‑out Direct


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