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Artist: Silver Godling
Album: Witness, Unweave (2021)
Label: Strange Daisy Records
Try: 2, 3, 5
Woah! When I picked this up from a friend and he described it as “weird, orchestral, classical, vocal,” I wasn’t quite sure to expect, but I’m not sure it was this. This is GREAT! This is Emily McWilliams’s 4th(?) release as an individual, though she’s a local professional pianist (and certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach). McWilliams’ classical training and understanding of music theory comes to meld with the experimental style of her music and the goth and drone influences she’s clearly drawing from (check out her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Edge of Seventeen’ on her bandcamp). One approach to this may be to call it ‘dark pop,’ but that’s not quite it. There’s lots of unadorned piano on this record, and the vocals are often run through effects that almost mimic double-tracking and electronic distortion, while the melody is meant to mimic classical vox. #2 is stronger and faster, drum machine and looped vocals over a kind of piano ‘Alberti’ bass melody. Experimental is the best simple way to describe this. RIYL MJ Guider, Lingua Ignota, Alexandria Smith, Jeff Albert - DC

"Music from the Merits" is an album review series showcasing the internal reviews that are taped to the physical albums we add to the station. This is what's written to help DJs see what the album sounds like and help them decide if they want to play it. All albums must be reviewed before they can be added to our library. Formatting has been kept as-is printed for the physical release.

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