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WTUL's Student Media Advisor Tel Bailliet has a guest article on RadioWorld.com featuring quotes from several WTUL DJs. The article details some of the qualities that WTUL's non-affiliate DJs bring to the station and perspectives from both students and non-affiliates on that policy.

WTUL Staff 1976

As I may have mentioned before, I got the unheralded thrill of being the first voice to transmit on FM. As a wee freshman and member of the technical staff (I really wanted to be on the air, though) I sat in the elevator room on top of Monroe Hall, repeating into a language-lab style headset plugged into the transmitter, "This is a test transmission of a radio station of the Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, operating under construction permit BPED-1285...." Hard to believe that I can still remember the permit number 25 years later, but then again, I said it over and over and over.

The call letters WTUL had not been officially assigned as yet. A list of callsigns were submitted to the FCC for approval with WTUL at the top, but some other ones were also under consideration including WTUR, WLSR (to fit in with the slogan of the day, " Living Sound Radio." Ptooey! Good thing that one didn't get approved instead. It bites). and believe it or not, WYAT (where ya'at), which was later actually used by an AM oldies station. Anyway, the other stations in the area had the right to oppose the callsign if they believed there would be confusion with their station. For example, WRNO might've gotten pissed if WR-M-O had been submitted. Needless to say, WTUL was issued.

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