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Magdalena Bay | mini mix vol. 3 (2023) Luminelle Recordings

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Magdalena Bay is a synth-pop / electronic duo originally from Miami, currently based in Los Angeles. They’ve got one album and several EPs out, and are probably most known for their single “Killshot (Slowed + Reverb)” that got pretty popular on TikTok a few years ago. This is the third in a series of short mixtapes, accompanied by green screen music videos on their YouTube channel. Their brand of synthpop is really cute and occasionally almost cheesy in its self-referential recognizance of what they are and their submersion in internet culture. Yet, their music is really good without having to lean on that bit of internet culture at all, so that it’s an aid alongside them, not at all bearing weight on it like vaporwave has to. Watch one of their kitschy music videos and you’ll see what I mean. I’m enamored with it all. See also: Rachel Sennott’s internet presence. RIYL The Marias, Tennis, Shygirl, Kilo Kish – DC 

"Music from the Merits" is an album review series showcasing the internal reviews that are taped to the physical albums we add to the station. This is what's written to help DJs see what the album sounds like and help them decide if they want to play it. All albums must be reviewed before they can be added to our library. Formatting has been kept as is printed for the physical release.

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