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Out today on all platforms, “Trinkets and Horses” by indie-folk rock/ alt country artists Mariah Houston (Brooklyn-based) and Sleep Habits (New Orleans- based) embodies a rich and ethereal alt country sound.

Currently on an 11-show tour, the artists managed to collaborate on this EP from different cities across the country. The artists both cite the band ‘Hovvdy’ and Charlie Martin as a big inspiration, and that definitely shows through on this release. “Trinkets and Horses” is characterized by sweet and somber vocals and powerful lyricism. The second track on this release, “Backseat”, I think is my favorite. The lyrics combined with Mariah’s vocals create are strong and cutting, but comforting and familiar at the same time. The EP was largely inspired by the artists’ differing but similar experiences growing up in the American south and Midwest, which helps to create a nostalgic sound that is simultaneously new. Alan Howard has been releasing music under the artist name Sleep Habits since 2018, and is from Baton Rouge. He has been playing with New Orleans-based artist Wesley Wolfe's band, which is more of a hardcore/post punk project, and he says that it has been a new experience that has inspired him and altered the way that he writes his own music.The album art is a black and white film photo that Alan took and thought fit well for the album, and Mariah jokingly referred to it as an "emo horse". I think that this release definitely plays well into the alt-country and Americana ‘renaissance’ that I can’t shut up about lately. 


My favorite tracks: ‘Backseat’, ‘Trinkets and Horses’, ‘Different Now’

Listen to this release if you love: Hovvdy, Bedouin, Jana Horn, Radiator Hospital

Can it Mosh: yes definitely 

 Special thanks to Mariah Houston and Sleep Habits for taking the time to chat with me on their busy tour!!


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Last 10 songs Pop‑out Direct


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