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Have a favorite show on WTUL and hate missing it? Welcome to the WTUL Archives, where shows from the past two weeks can be streamed after broadcast.


A few features:

  • Shows are in 2-hour chunks
  • They'll go up ~3 minutes after the end of the show
  • Shows are labelled by DJ name and Show Name *
  • Files are gone from our server after two weeks.
  • Not really related, but the "last logged song" feature for the player on this website is more up-to-date now, provided the DJ typing them in is up-to-date.

There are some reasons things work the way they do, and most of them are not our decision. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act allows for radio stations to keep a publicly listenable archive and though the wording is kind of strange and contradictory, the basic ground-rules are that recordings must be 2 hours, not downloadable, and can only be up for two weeks. It's OK, part of the charm of radio is that it's fleeting.

This has been tweaked over a while before getting listener-ready, which is why some of the older files are labelled differently.

* Our summer schedule has some blocks that are 3 hours, which doesn't work well with this two hour system. Often when you see two shows under the same name back-to-back, that show will probably be split half-way through. That's just the way it is.

Now that I found the image for this post, I'm thinking maybe I should have just called this the WTUL Crypt. Should I change it?

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