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At WTUL we're on the air not only because we care, but because we like to share. When we're into something, we want others to enjoy it too, and sometimes a radio show isn't enough. So here are some things that we've been excited about this past May.


DJ Doomkid recommends Quasimoto - The Unseen, Stones Throw (2000)

Madlib’s beats have always had a special place in my heart, ever since I first heard Madvillainy with MF Doom back when I was first discovering the world of underground hip hop and rap. That album was incidentally my first exposure to his rapper alter ego Quasimoto, a high pitched, high minded creature that comes through Madlib in certain circumstances. The Unseen is his first album under this moniker and while the voice takes some getting used to, Madlib’s excellent ear for soul, jazz, and funk samples comes through (in both the beats and lyrical references). It may be 17 years old at this point, but it still sounds fresh. If you don’t listen to the whole album, do your ears a favor and at least check out Real Eyes or Low Class Conspiracy.

You can catch DJ Doomkid's Hip-Hop show Wednesday Nights from Midnight to 3am

The Peregrine

DJ Fun recommends reading The Peregrine by J.A. Baker

I've been reading 'The Peregrine' by J.A. Baker. Werner Herzog said it is, "one book I would ask you to read if you want to make films." I'm a screenwriter, so I couldn't resist after reading his review. It's not disappointing in the least. Baker is both great at description and journal writing. It takes me away to another place. The irony is Starman the TV series is what led to my finding this. Starman is a terrible show based on one of my favorite films. An episode is dedicated to J.A. Baker's book. This is easily one of the finest books I've come across. Check it out.

DJ Fun's show is called Radio Wowowowo. He plays mostly Reggae.

DJ D-Rob recommends Future Islands - The Far Field

I went from laughing at the singer's dance moves on the Letterman show, when they went viral, to being seriously obsessed with this new album. I appreciate his earnest voice. The esoteric lyrics and mystical synth sounds remind me of New Order, Depeche Mode etc., but with less urban decay and a stronger connection with nature.

DJ D-Rob's show is Tuesday 12am-2pm

DJ Kilogram recommends 3 songs off Big Thief - Capacity (full album to be released June 9th via Saddle Creek)

Even though only three singles have been released so far, I already know Big Thief's sophomore release Capacity will be my favorite album of 2017. Give "Mythological Beauty", "Shark Smile", or "Mary" your undivided attention. Recommended if you like: Elliott Smith, local band New Holland, The Microphones, and Vagabon 
P.S. Pitchfork wrote a really great piece on the lead singer, Adrianne Lenker, and appropriately titled it, "Adrianne Lenker Has Seen Some Shit." 

DJ Kilogram's show is every other Sunday 4-6pm

Hunter King recommends Grails - Chalice Hymnal

It's been a few months now and this still keeps coming through my speakers almost before I realize that I chose it. While it's a great album as a whole, it's the opening title track that steals the show and lifts the rest of the songs up. It's dreamy, breathless, strange, feels like it belongs to a movie that I'd probably think is better than it actually is. The whole album is really cinematic though, as I guess Grails have always been, but this one grabbed me like they never could before.

Hunter's show is Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instrumental Rock & Roll every Monday 4-6pm


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