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1. Sexy Dex & the Fresh - Don’t Play My B-Sides [self-released]
2. auxFACTOR - Radio Darlin’ [self-released]
3. various artists - Brainfeeder X [Brainfeeder]
4. Yves Tumor - Safe in the Hands of Love [Warp]
5. Shark’s Teeth - Demon Canal [Single Colored Fields]
6. NOV3L - Novel [Flemish Eye]
7. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Sparkle Hard [Matador]
8. Budokan Boys - That’s How You Become A Clown [Tymbal Tapes]
9. Dilly Dally - Heaven [Partisan]
10. Sneaks - Highway Hypnosis [Merge]

Bronx-rapper, Kemba, recently performed at Republic NOLA with electric-funk group Brasstracks and New Orleans-rapper Pell. Before the show, WTUL's interview coordinator, Josh, had the chance to sit down with Kemba to speak with him about the role of people's personal narratives in music, artists that inspire him, and his upcoming projects. 


1. Sexy Dex and the Fresh - Don't Play My B Sides [self-released]
2. Matron - Standing Water [Strange Daisy]
3. Boy Pablo - Soy Pablo [U OK?]
4. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Sparkle Hard [Matador]
5. U.S. Nero - Why Don't They Cherish the Moon? [Dry Birth]
6. Wye Oak - The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs [Merge]
7. Sneaks - Highway Hypnosis [Merge]
8. Carbonas - Your Moral Superior [Goner]
9. Julia Holter - Aviary [Domino]
10. ATM - Inglewood Tapes Vol. 2 [Radical Documents]

1. Sexy Dex and the Fresh - Don't Play My B Sides [self-released]
2. Buzzcocks - Love Bites [Domino]
3. Ty Segall - Fudge Sandwich [In The Red]
4. Boy Pablo - Soy Pablo [U OK?]
5. various artists - Brainfeeder X [Brainfeeder]
6. Sneaks - Highway Hypnosis [Merge]
7. Jah Division - Dub Will Tear Us Apart... Again [Ernest Jenning]
8. Kellen - lowercase god [Community]
9. Dilly Dally - Heaven [Partisan]
10. Julia Holter - Aviary [Domino]

WTUL introduces its new series DJ of the Month! This series highlights a DJ (or co-DJs) each month, giving listeners insight on their favorite albums, most memorable experiences at WTUL, and more!


To start off the series, we sat down with DJRoadRunner and DJ Tweedie-Like-The-Bird to learn about their favorite finds in the WTUL stacks, who they'd want to interview at the station, and their best station moments. Lastly, they put together a specially-curated Spotify playlist for listeners!


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