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The Tulane building that houses the station was closed until today and then we had some transmitter issues, but everything's good now! It's nice to be making noise again.

Transmitter is down, DJs can't make it to the station, building might close. It's very wet outside.

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Sorry folks. Our streaming server ain't doing so hot, and will likely be replaced. Don't worry, this isn't cause for an impromptu fund drive (but hey, if you want to donate, we don't stop you), it'll just take some time. We're sorry about this inconvenience.

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From left to right: 2019 Marathon T-Shirt, 2019 Songs from the Basement Compilation, Tote Bag, Hat, Bandana, and then in a little more detail on Larry D: hat, bandana, and our classic logo shirt (not for sale this year).

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Calling all New Orleans music fans! Applications are now open for our Spring DJ Apprentice Program! If you’re at all interested in becoming a Certified WTUL DJ, this is the first step to your very own show. More Details in the application. 


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