posted: 8/26/2015

As the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, check out this short film by Dear World, Team Gleason and

posted: 8/26/2015

WTUL speaks to Kai Barrow and Shana Griffin about Ecohybridity: A Love Song For NOLA, a visual [black] opera in 5 acts. ECOHYBRIDITY is a collaboration of New Orleans-based Black feminist artists, scholars, activists and organizers–many of whom survived Hurricane Katrina. The visual opera marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina as told from a Black feminist voice.

More information at

posted: 8/26/2015

Professor Kate Browne speaks to WTUL News and Views about her new book, Standing in the Need, a 7 year study of a large family’s struggle to return home and live in New Orleans after Katrina. Including conversation about communication issues, the unique obstacles and benefits to being in a large family, and ideas about how we could do better next time. 

posted: 8/24/2015

Fill out an application for our Fall 2015 Apprentice Program at:

**Make sure to fill out the correct form depending if you’re a Tulane affiliate or non-affiliate.**

The forms are open NOW until 11:45PM Wednesday, September 2nd.

posted: 8/21/2015

Janet Hays interviews Alexander J. Bourne about why he spent 9 months locked up at Orleans Parish jail - [AKA Orleans Parish Prison (OPP)] over allegations of shoe theft - all on the taxpayer’s dime. This is an inside look at one person’s experience with pre-trial services, the bail bonding industry, incarceration and potential political bribery in New Orleans.

Unfortunately, his story is not unusual and should leave listeners scratching their heads about why low level offenders are spending inordinate amounts of time locked up in jail. Who benefits?
Not only does holding people for unnecessarily long times destroy lives by, for example, disabling them from paying rent and working to fulfill their obligations to society, but it also comes at a huge cost to tax-payers. Alexander’s case is one of many involving a pay to play system of injustice. His story begins when the wife of an influential attorney was not able to get her shoes back on time.
Contact Alexander through his website:

posted: 5/27/2015

Daniel Lelchuk is the Assistant Principal cellist of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and New Orleans Opera Association, as well as member of Lyrica Baroque. Recently, Daniel visited WTUL to discuss his lifelong love affair with the cello, his career so far, and his association with the award-winning Lyrica Baroque. The interview features live recordings of the ensemble performing Friedrich Fasch’s “Trio Sonata in D minor” and movements 3 & 4 of Antonio Vivaldi’s “Cello Sonata No. 6 in B Flat” at St. Louis Cathedral, June 2014.

On Sunday, May 31, Lyrica Baroque presents Baroque & Beyond, a program that highlights operatic arias and unique arrangements of instrumentals from the Baroque and Classical periods. Members of the chamber ensemble also include nationally acclaimed soprano Sarah Jane McMahon, oboist Jaren Atherholt, bassoonist and contrabassoonist Ben Atherholt, violinist Joe Meyer, and keyboardist Angela Park.

Recordings of Lyrica Baroque performances reproduced with permission.

Lyrica Baroque presents “Baroque & Beyond”
Sunday, May 31, 3:00 p.m.
Dixon Hall, Tulane University

Featuring works by Handel, C.P.E. Bach, Mozart, Schubert, and more.

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The Holydrug Couple

Phil the Tremolo King
The Soft Moon
I'm In Love
Fool's Gold
Golden Eels
Saturday's Song
Hiss Golden Messenger
sleep til they die
la luz
Inside Out
Lake Song
The Decemberists
Can't Keep Checking My Phone
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Will Butler

Al Champagne
mute hate
animus amour
Belle and Sebastian
When I was done dying
dan deacon
the man without a tan
White Winter Hymnal
Fleet Foxes

Bill Thompson
I love WTUL, but I dearly miss The D-Train
8/17/2015 10:01 PM

8/11/2015 8:32 AM

Jessica Kinnison
I'm in the parking lot outside my work. Can't stop listening.
8/11/2015 8:32 AM
Nice show... Nice end to the evening. Cheers.
8/8/2015 3:13 AM

D. H.
Great station
8/3/2015 2:01 PM

Justin (again)
I am sorry for unkind message below. I can understand Miss Juanita having a bad day, I'd rather she take it out on me than anyone else. She is a good person. All the DJ's have been kind to me. WTUL has done so much for this community, all with people whom volunteer their time and energy. Thank you for the years of radio.
7/28/2015 12:29 AM

The message below hopefully can be deleted because it's unkind. I can't blame everybody for one person's bad attitude. I do love WTUL and will continue to support the radio station.
7/25/2015 5:21 AM

That old bag Juanita just chewed me out for calling the station a lot and supporting this radio station. Alright, y'all will never hear from me again and I will no longer give any money to this station, you assholes!
7/24/2015 6:28 PM

Mom likes Hunter best!
Show: Mon 4-6pm - Storm Surge of Reverb
7/6/2015 4:05 PM

Are you intentionally trying to play the most annoying setlist ever heard on WTUL?
7/3/2015 8:26 PM

01:54 am
01:52 am
You Just May Be the One
Ray Carmen
Nothing Personal
01:48 am
Until We Bleed (with Lykke Li)
01:44 am
The Blower's Daughter
Damien Rice
01:40 am
La Llorna
March of the Zapotec
01:36 am
I'm Shakin'
01:34 am
Once You Were Fire
Lost in Stars
Once You Were Fire
01:28 am
You Say You Love Me
Ghost Modern
Roll Call Records
01:22 am
Saving Private Rihanna
Future of What
Pro Dreams
Feat. Drake
01:15 am
Kraftwerk 1
MVG Records

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