posted: 10/7/2015

The New Orleans Independent  Police Monitor, Susan Hutson talks about recent attacks on her professional behavior from the Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux when he called for her to be fired. Yvette Thierry joins after Susan to discuss the police monitor and this fight from a community perspective.

posted: 10/2/2015

Janet Hays interviewed Dj Jaffe [NYC] and Kimberly Blaker [AZ] about an upcoming national day of action on October 7th to urge Congress to pass H.R. 2646 - “The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act”. Representative Scalise is one of the Bill’s most recent cosponsors.

On Wednesday, October 7, families of people with serious mental illness across the nation will urge Representative Fred Upton (R. MI), Frank Pallone (D., NJ) and other legislators to pass H.R. 2646 - The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act - bipartisan legislation to help the most seriously mentally ill avoid incarceration, hospitalization, homelessness and death.  

One in 17−about 13.6 million−live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, major depression or bipolar disorder.  Despite the more than $130 billion dollars the federal government puts towards mental health, and the 112 federal programs, the seriously ill are being left untreated. Jails and prisons have become de-facto psychiatric hospitals.
The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act will help focus federal mental health efforts on reducing homelessness, hospitalization, arrest, and incarceration by encouraging the government to prioritize the most seriously ill rather than all others.     

Highlights of the Bill include:  

1. Creates an Asst. Secretary for Mental Health to coordinate mental health policy and encourages the use of evidence-based practices that help the seriously ill.   

2. Encourages states to use Assisted Outpatient Treatment [AOT] as a more humane and inexpensive alternative to inpatient commitment and incarceration.   

3. Helps end federal financial discrimination against psychiatric beds so that the most seriously ill who need hospitalization aren’t sent to jail.   

4. Allows parents who provide care, housing and case management for mentally ill children out of love, to work with doctors to provide protection health, safety, and welfare for family members suffering with treatable mental illnesses.  

5. Stops federally funded Protection & Advocacy lawyers from suing against care for loved ones.  

Representatives Fred Upton, as chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Frank Pallone as Ranking Member can bring this legislation to a vote. It was originally proposed by Representatives Tim Murphy (R., PA) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D. TX) and has 128 bipartisan cosponsors.  

Pallone and Upton are under pressure from some in the mental health industry to maintain the status quo whereby the seriously ill go to the end of the line, rather than the front for services - even though government funding for non-evidence based interventions is clearly failing people in crisis.  

On October 7th, families of the seriously ill are urging everyone to contact Representatives Upton and Pallone to urge passing a strong Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR 2646.  

kimberlyblaker [at]
DJ Jaffe djjaffe [at]

More Resources:  
National Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Day page:  
Rep. Murphy page on Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act:  
Mental Illness Policy Org Federal Legislation page :

posted: 9/30/2015


Stop by Tulane’s Campus to find our table. We’ll be giving away all the WTUL FREE GOODIES your hearts desire (tickets, T-shirts, mugs, stickers, buttons) from 12-6 PM!

Tune in all day to 91.5 FM or stream us from WTULNEWORLEANS.COM.

posted: 9/23/2015

Gahiji Lumumba Barrow interviews Leroy Perry who runs the re-entry program at the homeless Mission in New Orleans also part of the conversation is Lauren Anderson a staff attorney with the Orleans Public Defenders Office and Donald Jones who is a re-entry client. Discussion is around the first time court will be held at the Mission to deal with homeless populations that get caught up in the criminal system because of attachments and warrants that occur after missing court. Judge Early will be on hand Thursday September 24 at 10am to adjudicate. Also discussed is the Orleans Public Defenders Office and their budget shortfall.

posted: 9/18/2015


Winter Circle Productions & WTUL Present..
Disclosure “Caracal” Listening Party
September 24th
Hosted by A Boy Named Ruth & Kerem
Hi-Ho Lounge, New Orleans

posted: 5/27/2015

Daniel Lelchuk is the Assistant Principal cellist of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and New Orleans Opera Association, as well as member of Lyrica Baroque. Recently, Daniel visited WTUL to discuss his lifelong love affair with the cello, his career so far, and his association with the award-winning Lyrica Baroque. The interview features live recordings of the ensemble performing Friedrich Fasch’s “Trio Sonata in D minor” and movements 3 & 4 of Antonio Vivaldi’s “Cello Sonata No. 6 in B Flat” at St. Louis Cathedral, June 2014.

On Sunday, May 31, Lyrica Baroque presents Baroque & Beyond, a program that highlights operatic arias and unique arrangements of instrumentals from the Baroque and Classical periods. Members of the chamber ensemble also include nationally acclaimed soprano Sarah Jane McMahon, oboist Jaren Atherholt, bassoonist and contrabassoonist Ben Atherholt, violinist Joe Meyer, and keyboardist Angela Park.

Recordings of Lyrica Baroque performances reproduced with permission.

Lyrica Baroque presents “Baroque & Beyond”
Sunday, May 31, 3:00 p.m.
Dixon Hall, Tulane University

Featuring works by Handel, C.P.E. Bach, Mozart, Schubert, and more.

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LOVE Chef Salad!The music you guys spin makes me HUNGRY for more! You go!
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Loving this show! Screeching Crap I believe..... Pee Wee & Quint being my favorite 2 highlights...
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