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1. Ross From Friends - Ross From Friends [Brainfeeder]
2. Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin [Drag City]
3. Heaven Limousine - Beauty and the Beast [Alien Seduction]
4. various artists - A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland [Heresy]
5. various artists - Obey Convention XI [self-released]
6. Yo La Tengo - There's A Riot Going On [Matador]
7. Chai - Pink [Burger]
8. Sly & Robbie Meet Dubmatix - Overdubbed [Echo Beach]
9. Hollie Cook - Vessel of Love [Merge]
10. Crocuta - Crocuta [self-released]

Adrian (violinist)

Earlier this March, I had the great opportunity to sit down with Adrian, Max, and Nick from New Thousand, an electrifying group meshing the genres of EDM-alternative trap music using an electric violin, keyboard, and synths/drums. 

After their thrilling performance at day one of BUKU Music + Art Project, Adrian (violin), Max (keyboard), Nick (percussion) and I had a chance to speak about their first time playing on the BUKU main stage, their unique instrumental style, and their upcoming music. 


[DJ SamJam] This is your first time performing at BUKU, how do you feel right now?


[Adrian] It feels great!


[DJ SamJam] Your performance was just so energizing! I’ve never really seen that onstage before.


[Adrian] Oh man yeah! This is the biggest stage that we’ve played on by quite a bit. We actually have sort of played BUKU before, we’ve street performed outside of the Ballroom stage the past few years and it’s from the reputation we got through that that we got invited to play on the main stage. It’s just like ‘Oh my God, we’re on the main stage at BUKU fest.' It’s wild! It’s totally wild! I love being able to look out and see people having a good time. It’s a bit of a different context for me because with street performing I have people about 5 feet away from me like most of the time, so this is a lot different but it’s totally exhilarating to me and adds to the whole experience. 


[DJ SamJam] How did you guys get together and develop your sound? You guys definitely have one of the more unique sounds I've heard.

1. Hollie Cook - Vessel of Love [Merge]
2. Ty Segall -  Freedom's Goblin [Drag City]
3. Psychic Hotline - Call Me [Body Systems Inc]
4. Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar [Ninja Tune]
5. Milk & Bone - Deception Bay [Bonsound]
6. Belle and Sebastian - How To Solve Our Human Problems [Matador]
7. Retrofit - Beasy [self-released]
8. Durand Jones & the Indications - Durand Jones & the Indications [Dead Oceans/Colemine]
9. Ombone - Adventures In Time [Proper Channels]
10. DJ Python - Dulce Compania [Incienso]

1. Psychic Hotline - Call Me [Body Systems Inc]
2. Thundercat feat OG Ron C & The Chopstars - Drank [Brainfeeder]
3. The Breeders - All Nerve [4AD]
4. Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar [Ninja Tune]
5. Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin [Drag City]
6. Everything Is Recorded - Everything Is Recorded [XL]
7. Palm - Rock Island [Carpark]
8. A Living Soundtrack - Tezukayama [Strange Daisy]
9. The Fruit Machines - The Fruit Machines [Strange Daisy]
10. Black Milk - Fever [Mass Appeal]

For all you metal fans, by popular demand here is DJ Monte Carlo and DJ Shirtless Metal Head's interview with Bryan Funck of Thou and Hollise Murphy of Fat Stupid Ugly People. They discuss upcoming gigs, albums and more. The metal show airs every Monday night at 10 p.m. on WTUL New Orleans 91.FM.


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