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Storm Surge of Reverb


Every monday from 4pm to 6pm, Storm Surge of Reverb brings you 2 hours of pulse-accelerating instrumental rock & roll and surf rock, brought to you by Hunter.

Storm Surge of Reverb started in 2006 at WESU (I think). Back then it was only an hour. When Hunter came back to New Orleans, he was dead set on breaking free and playing what-the-hell-ever. Turns out these instrumentals had a tighter grip on him than he expected, and surf rock started creeping back into his radio shows until Storm Surge of Reverb was reborn on WTUL in its full 2 hour glory in 2010 or so

Storm Surge of Reverb has had live shows from Guantanamo Baywatch, The Ourobouros Boys, The Bills, The Unnaturals, Sun Year, Bruiser Broussard, as well as occasional phone interviews with Dick Dale. In 2013 as a funraising event, WTUL hosted a packed-to-the-gills surf night with Kill, Baby... Kill! headlining.


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Last 10 songs Pop‑out Direct



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