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Marathon, our annual fundraiser, starts today at 2 p.m. (Tuesday, Feb. 20) and we plan to bring you lots of good music and many fun events to remind you of why you love WTUL. Then we're going to ask for money. Honest disclaimer -- we will ask often over the next two weeks. Donate early so that you can hear the DJs' pleas without any guilt. (You can donate here.) Then don't forget to come to all the events we've planned, including trivia at Dat Dog and Electronic Dance Wave with DJ Rotten Milk and friends at Circle Bar!

WTUL gets a budget from the Tulane student activity fee and it covers most of our day-to-day operating expenses, but we cover the additional stuff (emergency repairs, long-range plans such as digitization of the vinyl, promotional items for the station, etc.) through Marathon. Tulane provides about 1/2 our annual budget. Marathon money makes up the rest. So donate early and donate often. Or call 504-865-5885 to pledge your donation. Thank you!



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